We have years of experience, enabling us to provide solutions designed specifically for your industry and business challenges. At Screen Flow Consulting, we understand that every business is unique and requires a tailor-made approach to achieve the desired results.
What do you need to do before you start collaborating with our independent Salesforce consultants?
The benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant instead of a full-time Salesforce professional are numerous, but the more tangible ones range from greater efficiency to lower and more predictable costs and flexible contra...
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Benefits of hiring Salesforce independent consultants
The demand for Salesforce experts is growing intensively every year. In a study published by IDC, Salesforce has delivered 22% growth year-over-year in revenue, showing us how much this tool's utility value has become ou...
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Set up your business so that ROI is part of your control. Consultants know-how.
Bottom-line results are one of the main concerns when choosing something as important as a Customer Relationship Management tool. The question of return on investment is straightforward - it is always on the table, and w...
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There are excellent reasons to hire independent Salesforce consultants. Wear us out!
Businesses are increasingly connecting with their customers and investing in the best CRM systems to stay ahead. Because Salesforce is easy to use, powerful, and cloud-based, Salesforce professionals are in high demand w...
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One “tool” to rule them all! Boost your business with a professional guidelines team
The amount of information that an employee receives daily has become enormous. The dynamism of information exchange also increases while the speed and rhythm of receiving delegated daily tasks become higher and more comp...
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