What do you need to do before you start collaborating with our independent Salesforce consultants?

What do you need to do before you start collaborating with our independent Salesforce consultants?

The benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant instead of a full-time Salesforce professional are numerous, but the more tangible ones range from greater efficiency to lower and more predictable costs and flexible contract options. Let us share a few crucial benefits of hiring an independent Salesforce consultant. Start a journey of completing your Salesforce projects successfully.

  1. You need to know that you can rely on consultants whose Salesforce experiences are based on verified knowledge.

Their wide range of experiences as Salesforce consultants across various industries has allowed us to understand clients’ needs and deliver the best solutions. They have approached every project with a client-first approach to achieve business results through the effective use of technology and integration. With a distinguished sense of turning all problems into solutions, they provide consulting and supervisory services for all types of organizations.

  1. You need to know that you choose a team that led you to rise efficiency and low all unpredictable costs.

Certified Salesforce consultants have one job, to ensure your business with complete strategic guidance. Their mission is to help your business make the best use of its available resources. Consultants will work closely with your team throughout the entire implementation process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your team receives all the training and support needed to use the new system effectively. By providing several services that allow you to get the most out of your Salesforce platform, they offer to consult and training that will enable you to maximize the productivity of your Salesforce system and it will ensure cost optimization.


  1. You need to know that you could accept a more flexible approach when it comes to signing contracts.

Full control of projects, as well as the duration of all engagements of Independent Salesforce consultants, may be subject to internal agreements. Engagements can be arranged according to priorities, work on specific projects, or based on a certain number of hours. The flexible contract option is based on an appropriate agreement that puts you in a position to take full control of all project participants. Most often, contracts are concluded that are based on the exact number of hours or contracts that are signed based on engagement on a specific project.

You need to gather your necessities and prepare for an incredible Salesforce journey. Screen Flow Consulting has collaborated with clients from different industries based on the knowledge of various projects. As a result, every client is incredibly unique and significant. We are proud to be in a very high position to provide our clients with quality services and, above all, to provide them with complete commitment. Our practice goes beyond the limits of the ordinary because we rarely get into the situation of working on several projects simultaneously. Client priorities present the core of our business.

Our goal is to help your business maximize the benefits of Salesforce and drive tremendous success for your business with a successful implementation and ongoing use. Our experts thoroughly discuss work processes, business needs, and technology ecosystem with your team and create a Salesforce roadmap strategy for your organization.

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